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Cole Swindell is a Big Fan of His Music On the Radio, and He Cranks It Up

Cole Swindell is no stranger to hearing his music on the radio, especially with his new hit “Single Saturday Night.”

Cole says that it’s still a thrill to hear his songs played…and he does crank up them up when they’re on, “Oh, yeah, you know especially if you’re riding, and it just happen to…it comes on when you’re in the car.”

But he does make sure who’s around when he does pump up the volume, “If I’m with people, I try not to crank it up and look too silly.”

Cole adds, “Honestly, when you grow up listening to country radio and just being a fan of the whole deal, that’s how you heard music and for me as a kid to now you know, I know everybody says that it’s hard to put the words, to have your dreams in three minutes right there you turn up on the dial that’s I don’t know if that ever gets old then I need to get outta here and it’s definitely not getting any time soon.”

Fans are cranking it up, and also watching the super-fun music video for “Single Saturday Night” — which now has more that 4 million views…you can add to that count right here…

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville