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Miranda Lambert Is Back In Live Music Mode for 2021

While she played a few shows in her home state of Texas not long ago, Miranda Lambert has not been “on tour” for a while now, due to the quarantine and shutdown, so when asked about getting back out in front of fans, she replied, “I’m definitely ready to get back on the road.”

And this weekend it happened. Miranda kicked off her 2021 show dates in Belmont, Ohio.

She says, “I’ve been seeing everybody’s socials when they’re, you know, at the festivals and fairs with the crowd reaction and I think everybody’s just so happy to be back in live music mode.”

Miranda is back out again this upcoming weekend with stops in Indiana and Michigan, where she’ll be playing her Top-10 (and climbing) hit “Settling Down.”

Photo Courtesy of Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert