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Tenille Arts Gets In the Right Mindset to Go “Back Then, Right Now”

When a song is first written, or discovered, by an artist – they may be in one situation in their life…and if that song becomes a fan favorite, and the artist sings it night after night, year after year, sometimes it’s a bit of a mental game to get back into that mindset when they first recorded the track.

Tenille Arts says that sometimes to get the right performance while singing, you also have to do some acting, “Certain songs if you’re not feeling them anymore…or sometimes I think about songs that I’ve written about other people that I’m no longer like…(Laugh), I’m like ‘No, I don’t even want to go back to that moment.’ But at one point I was in love with them, so I guess I’ll sing this song…maybe I don’t think about them anymore, I think about somebody new…or whatever, just kind of put a new spin on things.”

Tenille will be getting in the right mindset to sing her new single “Back Then, Right Now” when she heads out on Lady A‘s What A Song Can Do tour at the end of the month


Check out “Back Then, Right Now” from Tenille Arts right here…