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Travis Denning Got a “Jack And Coke” Thanks to His Dad and The Marshall Tucker Band

Travis Denning‘s road to his country music career started at age 14 with an appearance on stage with The Marshall Tucker band and a word of encouragement from his dad.

Travis shares the story of the first time he thought that making music for a living might actually be possible, “First time I ever thought music might actually be a career was…the first time I ever stepped foot on stage. I was 14 years old and I actually got to play ‘Can’t You See’ with The Marshall Tucker Band. My dad was good friends the guitar player in the band – and that was also the first night I kinda heard my dad make some comment that sounded like him and mom would’ve supported me if that’s what I wanted to do, so that’s when I knew I wanted to be a musician.”

Travis just released a brand new song called “Jack And Coke” – check it out here…

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville