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Zac Brown Band’s Boat Is Multilayered – and Zac Likes It That Way

Zac Brown doesn’t just make music – he’s also a fan. So, when it comes to the songs he creates he likes to have tracks that he’d listen to as a fan.

When it comes to Zac Brown Band’s “Same Boat,” Zac says that for him it’s satisfying to listen to on a couple of levels, “So that idea, actually started with Jonathan Singleton and Ben Simonetti brought this idea of ‘Same Boat’ to the table and I loved it because instead of hearing about how divided we are, this song’s taking about how we’re all the same. And we go through a lot of the same struggles, and I think you can have a great time, listening to this song, or you can just listen to the lyrics and really get a deeper message on it, but I like songs that you can catch on a different levels.”

Fans are getting to hear it live and in person as the Zac Brown Band is out on The Comeback Tour

Check out the recently released the music video for “Same Boat” from Zac Brown Band

Photo Credit: Alex Chapman